About Organization

The website has been designed to provide information on teachings regarding Healing, Spirituality and the Esoteric Sciences.
The Inner Sciences is composed of an International Group of affiliated individual belonging to three separate and independent organizations. The common binding feature include

  • The Dedication & Devotion to the same Param Guru,
  • Shared spiritual practices
  • Energy based techniques that enhance an individual’s good health, well being and spiritual development.

The Inner Sciences is dedicated to sharing information about ancient “Inner Knowledge and Wisdom” as was taught by one of the most advanced teaching of our generation including Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui, Lord Mahaguruji Mei Ling, Yogi Ramcharaka and others.

A part of a new generation of Spiritual Scientists- Maha Atma Choa taught ordinary people to grasp that Subtle Energy – based on “science” has actually emerged from the roots of “The Inner Sciences”.

Indian Rishis, Chinese Taoists and Tibetan Monks have practiced various forms of Healing using Chi Energy or Prana for thousands of years. Therefore it can be said that “Pranic Healing” has been widely practiced in multiple early civilizations – including those of China, Egypt and India – as well as in many other parts of the world.

About Our Teacher

Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui

In the TIS India tradition we recognize avatars, prophets, messiahs, bodhisattvas and gurus- from all religions- as being Divine Instruments of Transformation in our lives.

    • The Param Guru, Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui of the Inner Sciences, India tradition is beloved & esteemed as one of the most accomplished Masters of Energy of our generation. With great dedication and tenacity He committed His life to serving a Mission of Compassion and Mercy, and was committed to uplifting the human spirit. His Teachings opened a realm of almost unlimited possibility to His students. Some people call him as “the Scientist of the Soul”.
    • Our Guruji recognized that the “fusion” of new information and technology would substantially increase the role of Subtle Energy in the modern world and he recommended a wide variety of applications of Subtle Energies to many areas of life.
    • This is because as an Enlightened Spiritual Master, He possessed highly developed “Atmic Intelligence” – Through Intellect and Intuition He easily synthesized and connected major Spiritual concepts that have generally remained separated by both tradition and practice. In “leap” from logical inquiry – to a realization that non-visible matter is a reality – creates a foundation of a “Bridge” connecting Science and Spirituality.

Founder of TISIT

Charlotte Anderson

The Inner Sciences is an international organization, founded by Charlotte Anderson, the Spiritual Companion or Consort of Maha atma Choa Kok Sui.

For the last 14 years of His life they were constantly together both during periods of work and relaxation. She was constantly by His side everywhere He taught throughout the world.

Her extensive, comprehensive personal training took place on a daily basis and lasted for the entire period of their amazing relationship up to His death on 19 March 2007.

  • Ms. Anderson is also widely recognized as the compiler, transcriber and editor of his last 11 books, collaborated with Him as Executive Producer for numerous CD’s, collaborated on all issues of The Prana World Magazine and other projects too numerous to enumerate
  • Maha Atma Choa’s and Charlotte’s relationship was both personal and professional. There constant loving interaction, also took the form of years of individual training designed to sustain His Work, including daily personal guidance, nurturing and extensive personal instruction in both Practical and Spiritual Teachings – throughout their time together.
  • His trust and personal confidence in her were clearly demonstrated when He granted her 20 year, global licenses for all of His courses in 2006. These were subsequently revoked by the organization after His death, and She continued to teach based on a 2004 Authorization, personally granted by her Spiritual Teacher
  • Clearly no other student was Blessed by having this kind of unique exposure or saturation of interactions with this great Spiritual Teacher.
  • During the first 3 years after Maha Atma Choa passed from the body, Ms. Anderson remained connected to various organizations – both Charitable and de facto – established by MCKS.



The target is to produce one Pranic Healer for every family.
One Arhatic yogi for every one thousand people out of the present population of about seven billion people.
The target is to produce seven million Arhatic yogis.
Out of every ten Arhatic yogis one senior Arhatic yogi will be produced.
A total of seven hundred thousand senior Arhatic yogis will be produced.
Out of every one hundred senior Arhatic yogis the target is to produce one baby Arhat or seven thousand baby Arhats.
Out of every hundred baby Arhats the target is to produce one fully matured Arhat or a great Arhat.
A total of seventy fully mature Arhats or great Arhats.
Out of the great Arhats hopefully three Holy Masters or three Great Ones will be produced.
If this can be done within one hundred fifty years time the world will change, be transformed and progress beyond recognition.
If this objective can be accomplished, we can have heaven on earth.